Things You Should Know Before Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

1. How teeth whitening works

Peroxides! carbamide peroxide or hyrdrogen peroxide. A molecular oxygen is released when a whitening gel makes contact with a saliva, which leads to the enamel loosing particles that contribute to stain the surface of your teeth.

2. Our teeth is like a sponge.. they both absorb.

Just like a sponge, our teeth have pores too. Some of the colored food and beverages that we usually put in our mouth are absorb by our teeth's pores. Overtime, the natural color of our teeth becomes darker due to those stains and that won't go away unless you remove them using a properly formulated Teeth Whitening Gel. So, if you're a coffee or tea drinker and you absolutely can't go without it, drink it through a straw. 

3. How to lessen the tooth sensitivity during whitening treatment

Brush your teeth with an Anti-Sensitivity toothpaste recommended by your Dentist for 14 - 21 days before your treatment. This will help you pre-conditioned your teeth against the sensitivity. But good news, Corinthian Aesthetics' has a Desentisizing Gel Pen included on the kit! It is scientifically engineered for people who has severe tooth sensitivity and has a shelf life for as long as 12 months.